You have told us you want and need a valid and shared set of terminologies, standards, and methodologies for fundraising benchmarks, KPIs and metrics.

Our analysis will provide:

  • a comprehensive set of measures in all critical areas of individual giving.

  • insight into all individual giving categories and channels including major gifts, gifts in wills, digital fundraising, and events

  • a deep dive on regular giving including costs and supplier metrics

We’ll also be working with the sector to finally create a data dictionary to act as a single set of terms to describe donor retention.

"During my time in fundraising I've learned that running a team or a channel without the right data is like driving blindfolded. 

Sadly, I've seen it far too often.

The Benchmarking Project aims to collaborate with our charity partners to analyse the right data to better manage our campaigns."

Adam Watson MFIA

Adam Watson - The Benchmarking Project