NZ & International Register

Since the start of the Project, our aim has been to provide best practice fundraising benchmarking to the Australian and Aotearoa / New Zealand charity fundraising sector.

Our goal in Year 1 is to build a community of 40 data-providing Australian charities to base the analytics on (FYI we’re already halfway there), and to share the insights with the rest of the sector – whilst providing the 40 with unrivalled individualised reports and strategic workshops.

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We know that the strength of our program for many small Australian charities will be the sharing of insights and development of actions through our Insights in Action Forums. We will be holding three of these in Year 1 that will involve as many of the best fundraising brains as we can muster; and so far, that’s quite a few!

Following chats with a few NZ and international charities and peak bodies, we’ve received some quite interesting feedback. They want in already. The combination of top-level Australian analytics matched with world class strategy is much better than what is currently available in their markets. It is because of this we are prepared to bring forward some of our plans and launch the NZ and International Membership today.


If your organisation is outside of Australia and would benefit from world class strategy development based in real data, you need to get in touch today. We are capping NZ and International Membership to a further 40 organisations, so you’ll need to be quick.