More Profitability Benchmarking

The Benchmarking Project is very proud to partner with More Strategic to provide you with the full narrative your organisation needs to succeed. 

The More Profitability Benchmarking, in conjunction with The Benchmarking Project, offers essential insights for every fundraising organisation. For this reason, we are pleased to provide a discount for purchasing both benchmarking programs at the Full Membership tier for 1 or 2 years.

Why Benchmarking?


  • Measure relative performance

  • Set realistic expectations and budgets

  • Evaluate your fundraising mix

  • Determine where to invest for best returns

  • Create a profit accountable culture

  • Increase confidence and understanding of fundraising

More Profitability Benchmarking includes comparative benchmarks for:

  • Return rate and cost income ratio by program by year

  • Growth rates for income, expenditure and profitability by year

  • Ratio-reliance charts looking at your mix and cost ratio

  • Accelerator charts to evaluate the rate of growth in income and expenditure

  • Return per Full Time Equivalent staff member for each fundraising program

  • Results compared to each participating organisation (anonymised)

More Strategic The Benchmarking Project