Advisory Panel

We are nothing without our people, their experiences and their expertise.

The Benchmarking Project has built an Advisory Panel of Australia and New Zealand's finest fundraisers. Each brining their unique take on what fundraisers like you need to see to best drive your fundraising campaigns.

Lisa Allan FFIA - Head of Marketing - The Smith Family

Lisa is a direct marketing professional with over 25 years of experience. Currently the Head of Marketing at The Smith Family, Lisa is responsible for leading the overall strategic direction, development and management of their individual giving portfolio.

Over the course of her not-for-profit career she has led teams that have raised more than $520m from the Australian public.

Steve Martin - Head of Direct Marketing - The Fred Hollows Foundation

Committed career fundraiser & international consultant, with over 20 years’ experience. Principally specializing in individual giving fundraising, Steve as held senior leadership roles in F2F fundraising consultancies and charities including Australian Red Cross.


Currently the global Head of Direct Marketing at The Fred Hollows Foundation overseeing strategy, acquisition, retention, bequests, and data analytics & insights teams.

Ruth Wicks FFIA - Senior Consultant - More Strategic

A ‘career’ fundraiser who made a deliberate choice to dedicate her working life to our unique sector over 17 years ago.  She has worked for charities big and small in both Australia and the UK across a multitude of fundraising disciplines.

She holds a passionate commitment to raising the bar of professional fundraising so we can raise more money and continue to change the world.

Christina Cantaro - Head of Operations - Public Outreach  

With over 10 years’ experience in fundraising consultancy, working with nearly 50 different charities across both Australia and New Zealand.


Through this experience, Christina has developed genuine and in-depth knowledge of both Face-to-Face and Telemarketing fundraising management and operations, campaign strategies, and has developed extensive data insights into the fundraising industry.

Martin Paul FFIA - Director - More Strategic

The 2020 winner of the Arthur Venn Fundraiser of the Year award, Martin has dedicated more than 25 years to adapting best practice commercial marketing practices to not for profits. He has led large teams in complex organisations and know the demands of delivering outstanding results with limited resources.


He is continually awed and inspired by the talent, commitment and impact people in our sector have.

Ashley Rose FFIA - Chief Executive Officer - MonDial Telephone Fundraising

Ashley's led the team at MonDial for 15 years and has been delivering award winning campaigns for charities in Australia, New Zealand and the UK. The learning from 20 years telephone fundraising experience is high quality conversations achieve lasting results and relationships.

He’s been working to raise fundraising standards as member of FIA’s Code Authority since 2019.  Outside of fundraising family, food and dog walking occupy most of Ashley’s time.

Sean Triner - Founder - Moceanic

A professional speaker, philanthropist, and published author, Sean knows it’s the hard work and dedication of nonprofits like yours that can make that good happen.


He has a vision to train every nonprofit in the world to be superstar fundraisers. Together we could change the world. They co-created Moceanic to train, empower, support and embolden a worldwide “tribe” of fantastic fundraisers. People like you.