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Individual Giving Accelerator

Accelerate your fundraising

Non-data supplying charities with fewer than 50,000 Individual Giving transactions

$2,000 AUD PA

Fundraisers and charity leaders have asked for better opportunities to explore and discuss the data and insights behind the fundraising programs that sustain our causes. Not just charts and numbers but the what, how and why of the trends.

The Benchmarking Project is not just an annual report, it’s a collaboration.

Members have the opportunity to participate in forums where fundraisers are facilitated by industry experts in all areas of fundraising to share experiences and best practice and explore fundraisings challenges all informed by analysis and insights so we can have practical and action focused debate and discussion.

The 2023 community was built up of more than 53 data-supplying charities, 35 non-data-supplying charities and over 20 Partners and Collaborators. This is over 100 organisations and 500 people who share their experiences and information.

Joining The Benchmarking Project as an Accelerator member can be a transformative step for a charity with a modest Individual Giving program. Your organisation will receive benefits that can significantly enhance your effectiveness, sustainability, and impact.

By participating, you gain access to a wealth of data and insights. This is invaluable for assessing performance and understanding how you compare to your peers. This information can help identify areas where improvement is needed, and help you allocate resources more efficiently.

Additionally, becoming an Accelerator member grants access to a network of experienced professionals. Collaboration and knowledge-sharing opportunities allows you to tap into the expertise and strategies of larger, more established charities. This can lead to improved fundraising strategies, donor engagement, and overall organisational growth.

For a charity with fewer than 50,000 Individual Giving transactions, joining The Benchmarking Project as an Accelerator member is a strategic move. It provides access to valuable data, a supportive network, tailored resources, and enhanced credibility.


Individual Giving Accelerator members receive:

Essentials Reports – Australia & Aotearoa New Zealand

The Essentials Report is the summary of this process of consultation, analysis, and insights development. It will give you the trustworthy evidence you need to understand the key fundraising trends and insights to support you in making the best possible fundraising decisions.

You will also find information to support you in working with your colleagues in senior management and Board, to explain how investment in fundraising works and to underpin strategic decision making.

This report is a starting point for new conversations within our community and within your own team. Whether you work in a not-for-profit, supplier, or consultancy, you will find this report to be (forgive us), Essential.

Tickets to Launch Forum

The flagship Forum is the official start of the benchmarking year. Alongside special guests, Fi McPhee and Andy Tidy walk you and your team through the key trends to inspire and inform your fundraising.

This day-long online Forum brings up to 500 fundraisers together in one space to listen to and discuss vital learnings from the year to drive the year ahead.

Tickets to Specialist Forums

The topics for our Specialist Forums are decided by our Advisory Panel and are hosted by our key stakeholders. These shortform online sessions have covered, P2P, Events, Community Fundraising as well as Digital, Major Gifts and Gifts in Wills. 

Speakers with specific industry expertise are called upon to share their stories and their insights to create a stronger sector.

Accelerator members only Forum

We look though the anonymised transaction data of the charities from the smaller-end of town to find insights that most fit our Accelerator membership.

This shortform session relies on case studies and data from peers who have been there and done it before. This practical session is a must for all Accelerator members.

More Profitability Benchmarking Forum

This shortform session is a walk-through of the key insights from More Strategics’ ‘More Profitability Benchmarking’ program are shared by former ‘FIA Fundraiser of the Year’, Martin Paul FFIA and his team.

More Profitability

The Benchmarking Project membership comes with the option to package More’s Profitability Benchmarking

More Profitability Simple (1 year of data): A comprehensive look at your most recent year’s data across all areas of fundraising, reporting on return on investment by program, income per FTE, income mix and 93 database and relationship metrics including changes in database size, number of relationships being managed per FTE, success rates for major donors, average donations and penetration rates. With only 1 year of data to collect this is ideal insights for smaller organisations to complement an Accelerator membership. Participants receive a report and 1 hour presentation

$1,750 AUD PA

More Profitability Smart (5 years of data): All the benefits of the Simple report but with detailed trend analysis for the past 5 and 2 years to ensure you are retaining market share and achieving industry standard growth across all your programs. Participants receive a report and 2 hour presentation

$2,750 AUD PA

More Profitability Sophisticated (5 years of data and culture survey): Everything you ever need to know! Full trend and annual data analysis from the Standard model plus a detailed, benchmarked survey of how your team see the drivers of fundraising success across your culture, structure, innovation, supporter experience, brand management, systems and staffing. Participants receive a report and 3 hour presentation/workshop

$3,750 AUD PA