Events & Forums

Insights Forum One - Essentials Report Launch, More Profitability, Market Trends, and Regular Giving Deep Dive, May 2022.

The inaugural Insights Forum took place 25th May using the Fundraising Everywhere+ platform to nearly 200 fundraisers from around Australia. The full-day mini-conference covered all areas of the Individual Giving fundraising portfolio with a deep dive focus on Regular Giving.

Martin Paul gave participants the highlights from the More Profitability Benchmarking. Roewen Wishart spoke about Major Donors and Gifts in Wills, and Ruth Wicks informed attendees about the state of the Mid Value Giving.

The Regular Giving deep dive was as in-depth analysis with Fi McPhee and Andy Tidy, and a inspiring panel of Lisa Allan, Jonathan Storey, John Burns and Kerren Morris, facilitated by Sean Triner.

Insights Forum Two - Peer to Peer, Events and Community Fundraising, 6th September 2022

Forum Two took place 6th September using the Zoom platform. During the half-day conference, Fi McPhee and Andy Tidy covered donor profiles, income trends for offline and online channels, Single Giving growth drivers and predictive KPIs.

  • More Strategic's Karen Armstrong and Megan Maya investigated what data we need to capture for Facebook Challenges
  • Andy took us on a deep dive into P2P and look into the challenges of benchmarking Events, P2P and Community Fundraising
  • Marlin Communications' Tim Brack recommended metrics for P2P and gave us a dashboard walk-through
  • The Forum ended with an exciting and informative Events, P2P and CF panel discussion with experts who have seen great results in their charity including Maisa Lopes Gomes of Cerebral Palsy Alliance, Rob Lawrenson from MS+, and Lauren Clarke of Cancer Council NSW, followed by an audience Q&A

Insights Forum Three - Major Gifts and Gifts in Wills, 29th November 2022

Forum Three took place on 29th November using the Zoom platform. We had a lot to pack into a two-hour session (10am - 12pm AEDT). Along with a host of guests, Fi and Andy talked through the latest Major Gifts and Gifts in Wills trends.

  • Andy presented the Major Donor dashboard and provide additional useful metrics alongside a guest speaker
  • A panel discussion talking about best data capture, pecuniary v residuary and a look at ABS socio-economic data with Ally Murray from The Wilderness Society, Roewen Wishart of Xponential and Steffi Chang from Plan International Australia
  • The final session was an exciting look at what we have in store for The Benchmarking Project 2023

The Insights Forums represent our commitment to providing the sector the insights, analytics and conversations it needs to make the best decisions throughout the year. Accessibility is key.

To ensure that our insights are available to as many fundraisers as possible we have teamed up with Fundraising Everywhere and Zoom to deliver them as virtual events with extensive accessibility options such as subtitles and toggles for greater visibility of text and images.

The Insights Forums offer a range of views from a range of fundraisers with expertise in differing areas of fundraising.

Benchmarking Project Members will receive an email with registration details prior to the next Insights Forum.