More Profitability

Why Benchmarking?

More Profitability Benchmarking includes comparative benchmarks for:

  • Measure relative performance
  • Set realistic expectations and budgets
  • Evaluate your fundraising mix
  • Determine where to invest for best returns
  • Create a profit accountable culture
  • Increase confidence and understanding of fundraising
  • Return rate and cost income ratio by program by year
  • Ratio-reliance charts looking at your mix and cost ratio
  • Return per Full Time Equivalent (FTE) staff member for each fundraising program
  • Changes in database size and return per donor
  • Numbers of relationships managed per FTE
  • Dependency ration for your highest contributors across Major Donors, Corporates and Trusts
  • Gifts in Wills, Single Gifts, and Regular Giver penetration rates
  • Results compared to each participating organisation (anonymised)

Your options

More Profitability Simple (1 year of data): A comprehensive look at your most recent year’s data across all areas of fundraising, reporting on return on investment by program, income per FTE, income mix and 93 database and relationship metrics including (changes in database size, number of relationships being managed per FTE, success rates for major donors, average donations and penetration rates. With only 1 year of data to collect this is ideal insights for smaller organisations to complement an Accelerator membership. Participants receive a report and 1 hour presentation

$1,750 AUD PA

More Profitability Smart (5 years of data): All the benefits of the Simple report but with detailed trend analysis for the past 5 and 2 years to ensure you are retaining market share and achieving industry standard growth across all your programs. Participants receive a report and 2 hour presentation

$2,750 AUD PA

More Profitability Sophisticated (5 years of data and culture survey): Everything you ever need to know! Full trend and annual data analysis from the Standard model plus a detailed, benchmarked survey of how your team see the drivers of fundraising success across your culture, structure, innovation, supporter experience, brand management, systems and staffing. Participants receive a report and 3 hour presentation/workshop

$3,750 AUD PA

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