4 Pillars


Fundraisers and charity leaders have asked for better opportunities to explore and discuss the data and insights behind the fundraising programs that sustain our causes. Not just charts and numbers but the what, how and why of the trends.

The Benchmarking Project is not just an annual report, it's a collaboration. Each year The Benchmarking Project members will have the opportunity to inform what the benchmarking analysis dives in to..

They will have the opportunity to participate in forums where fundraisers are facilitated by industry experts in all areas of fundraising to share experiences and best practice and explore fundraisings challenges all informed by analysis and insights so we can have practical and action focused debate and discussion.

The 2023 community is built up of more than 50 data-supplying charities, 30 non-data-supplying charities and over 20 Partners and Collaborators. This is over 100 organisations and 500 people who share their experiences and information.

Good fundraising is the perfect example of what can be achieved when people come together to support positive change. It is the power of community at work in the world.

The Benchmarking Project is founded in the power of community. By working collectively to identify problems and their solutions, we can achieve remarkable outcomes for the remarkable causes we serve.

Dr Peter Coleman

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