We have 5 Workshop options available to charity members


This workshop provides a guided look at the benchmarking data and analysis for your organisation and the sector at large. It is best suited for those with teams who would benefit from a better understanding of your organisation’s individual giving fundraising program metrics and how it is performing in the context of the wider fundraising sector.  This style of session is great for:

a)  new team members and bringing your wider team together to see the state of the individual giving market and your program.

b) those who would like a guided walkthrough the PowerBI reporting so they can do their own further exploration of the analytics.


This workshop provides an in-depth
look at up-to three focus areas in your fundraising program (your facilitator will work with you in advance to identify your focus areas).

It is best suited to those members who have identified specific concerns or opportunities in their program and would like to use benchmarking data to gain a better understanding, drive discussion and explore the application of the insights to your program’s
specific context.

A top-line trends overview is included in this workshop and your facilitator will deep dive the data and the market context for your focus areas with you in the session.


For this workshop, the facilitator will begin by presenting highlights from  the benchmarking data (your top-line trends or top line trends in a specific area such as regular giving as guided by your needs), followed  by an extended question and  answer session.

This workshop is perfect if you have a team who is inspired and motivated to dig into your  benchmarking analysis in  advance of the session and have specific questions to address and insights they would like to explore.



Your facilitator will work with you to identify what areas of the benchmarking analysis are most relevant to highlight and present to your board.

You may want a brief individual giving marketplace overview or a more focused look at your performance in a particular activity, you might take the opportunity to educate your board on how different giving audiences behave or you may have a few myths you need busted at the board level.


Your facilitator will then produce and present a short executive level presentation bespoke to your board based on your recommendations. 


SMALL CHARITY                              


Designed specifically with Small Charity Members in mind. 

Armed with your Annual Report, More Profitability Benchmarking and the Individual Giving Essentials Report, a member of the More Strategic team will walk you through the state of the market and highlight potential opportunities for your fundraising portfolio.



  • Workshops can be scheduled from the beginning of June 2023 until December 2023
  • Sessions range in price, beginning at $2000AUD
  • All sessions are delivered virtually via Zoom unless otherwise agreed with your workshop facilitator. Please note additional travel costs may apply to in person sessions
  • We will be working on a ‘first in, first served’ basis for session allocation
  • If you are interested in booking in an Insights in Action workshop, click the ‘Arrange a Workshop’ button
  • If you have your heart set on a particular facilitator, please do get in touch right away to avoid disappointment.

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