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Non-data supplying consultants, agencies and suppliers

$5,000 AUD PA

Becoming a Collaborator member of The Benchmarking Project is a strategic decision for agencies, suppliers, or consultants operating in the nonprofit sector. 

As a member, the insights gained into the challenges and needs of nonprofit organisations including knowledge of the sector’s pain points allows agencies, suppliers, or consultants to tailor their services more effectively. It enables them to develop solutions that precisely address the unique requirements of nonprofit clients, thereby enhancing their competitiveness in the market.

Collaborator membership also provides opportunities for thought leadership and brand visibility. Engaging with The Benchmarking Project allows service providers to showcase their expertise and establish themselves during relevant Forums and with articles posted through the Benchmarking Project website, LinkedIn and as attachments to email updates. This can lead to increased brand recognition and credibility.

Additionally, participating as a Collaborator member fosters collaboration and innovation. By working closely with nonprofits and other service providers, you can exchange ideas and best practices. This collaborative environment can spark innovation and lead to the development of new, more effective solutions for the nonprofit sector.

Lastly, The Benchmarking Project often offers exclusive events, and resources to its members. These opportunities can help service providers stay up-to-date with the latest trends and strategies in the nonprofit space, ensuring they remain competitive and relevant in a rapidly evolving industry.

In summary, joining The Benchmarking Project as a Collaborator member offers agencies, suppliers, and consultants access to a diverse client base, insights into nonprofit needs, thought leadership opportunities, collaboration potential, and access to valuable resources. This membership can significantly enhance your position in the nonprofit sector and open doors to new opportunities for growth and success.


Collaborator members receive:

Essentials Reports – Australia & Aotearoa New Zealand

The Essentials Report is the summary of this process of consultation, analysis, and insights development. It will give you the trustworthy evidence you need to understand the key fundraising trends and insights to support you in making the best possible fundraising decisions.

You will also find information to support you in working with your colleagues in senior management and Board, to explain how investment in fundraising works and to underpin strategic decision making.

This report is a starting point for new conversations within our community and within your own team. Whether you work in a not-for-profit, supplier, or consultancy, you will find this report to be (forgive us), Essential.

Tickets to Launch Forum

The flagship Forum is the official start of the benchmarking year. Alongside special guests, Fi McPhee and Andy Tidy walk you and your team through the key trends to inspire and inform your fundraising.

This day-long online Forum brings up to 500 fundraisers together in one space to listen to and discuss vital learnings from the year to drive the year ahead.

Tickets to Specialist Forums

The topics for our Specialist Forums are decided by our Advisory Panel and are hosted by our key stakeholders. These shortform online sessions have covered, P2P, Events, Community Fundraising as well as Digital, Major Gifts and Gifts in Wills. 

Speakers with specific industry expertise are called upon to share their stories and their insights to create a stronger sector.

Accelerator members only Forum

We look though the anonymised transaction data of the charities from the smaller-end of town to find insights that most fit our Accelerator membership.

This shortform session relies on case studies and data from peers who have been there and done it before. This practical session is a must for all Accelerator members.

Opportunity to present at relevant Forums

Where relevant, we ask Collaborator members to provide staff to host sections or facilitate panels around their specialist subject. The Forums are promoted to all members and regularly reach attendances of 200+ Australian and Aotearoa New Zealand fundraisers.

Opportunity to produce articles

Thought leadership is key to the success of The Benchmarking Project. We offer each Collaborator the opportunity to write an article based on their specialist knowledge and the insights from this year’s benchmarking. These articles are shared with all members via email , our blog and LinkedIn posts. 

Company logo and description on website

The Partner and Collaborator page of The Benchmarking Project website is viewed by 300 people each year. Your logo also appears during our Forums and Forum recordings. 

Value Adds

This year’s Benchmarking Project membership comes with a portfolio of exciting value adds:

Collaborator Workshop:

Using anonymised data, you can spend 2hrs online with Andy Tidy or Fi McPhee to discuss the trends that will impact your clients and your business.

$3,500 AUD PA