‘Quite Interesting’ benchmarking finding #3

Something we get asked a lot is the movement of Standard Value, Mid Value and Major. Fi McPhee takes 60 seconds to explain the trends.

We know that our high value donors are acquired as well as grown. Last year, 79% of the Mid Value donors stayed at their Mid-range. 3.8% upgraded to Major, but we also had 17% that went down to Standard Value. So there is a lot of movement.

We, at The Benchmarking Project, set our own value bands and know that you will have your own, but whatever levels you choose, there will be movement between them in any given year.

In 2021-2022 we saw 7% of Major donors move down to the Mid-level, and 0.4% of Standard Value move up to Mid.

This may be a small percentage but if you consider that the bulk of our income comes from donations below $1000 giving level, 1% of these migrating up might represent around 3000 donors so is not insignificant in terms of its impact on donors in the high-value space and in income coming through. And we do know that retention increases as value increases.