‘Quite Interesting’ Small charity growth #6

Are you in a smaller charitable organisation and want to know if growth is possible for your cause? We have some good news.

Fi McPhee takes us through a couple of top-line numbers.

“Regular Giving has grown 41% for charities with smaller Individual Giving programs compared with just 4% growth for larger charities over the past five years. This means are smaller organisations are really driving growth in Regular Giving at a much faster pace.

This makes sense when we look at the larger programs that have much longer standing programs that are hitting appoint where they are finding it more challenging to grow.

Regular Giving is not the only growth area. Single Giving is growing at about 45% for smaller organisations compared to 26% for larger ones over the same five-year period.”

The caveat is that this large percentage growth is coming off a smaller base than the bigger charities, but still shows that growth has been possible even when we have been faced with a pandemic, bush fires, floods, and droughts.